August 26, 2020

America First Action Announces $18.6 Million Spend in Battleground States

America First Action PAC announces today an $18.6 million advertisement spend beginning in September in Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, North Carolina, and Florida. This will be a broadcast, digital, and cable investment.

The $18.6 million spend will be broken down as follows:

Wisconsin - $3.7 million

  • Green Bay: $850k
  • La Crosse/Eau Claire: $2.1m
  • Wausau: $750k

Pennsylvania - $3 million

  • Wilkes Barre: $1.75m
  • Johnstown: $850k
  • Erie: $400k

North Carolina - $9.7 million

  • Charlotte: $2.2m
  • Winston Salem: $1.4m
  • Greenville-New Bern: $2.3m
  • Raleigh: $3.1m
  • Wilmington: $700k

Florida - $2.2 million

  • Orlando: $2.2m

This $18.9M investment comes on the heels of our $23 million summer buy, where we hammered Joe Biden on fracking in Pennsylvania, raising taxes in North Carolina and Wisconsin, and on free government giveaways to illegal immigrants in Arizona. In June, we invested $7.5 million in battleground states taking aim at Joe Biden's disastrous economic policies. In April, we committed $10 million in battleground states also defining Biden and his long, disastrous record.

To learn more about America First Action’s September spend, you can read about it here in Politico