September 10, 2020

America First Action Announces $22 Million Spend in Battleground States

Biden is too radical and too weak to stand up to the mob and keep Americans safe

America First Action PAC will spend $22 million in digital, cable, and broadcast television advertisements starting this month and running to Election Day in the battleground states of Florida, Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, and Ohio. This is in addition to the $18.6 million September spend announced last month by America First Action.

Joe Biden and his running-mate Kamala Harris have carelessly supported the rioters and the violent protesters who are burning our cities, attacking law-enforcement officers, and destroying our way of life; even going as far as to use campaign funds to bail rioters to get out of jail. Both have supported redirecting money away from law enforcement.

Biden-Harris are too weak and too radical to protect the American people and keep small businesses safe and prosperous. 

President Trump is the only candidate who will truly fight for public safety, defend good police officers, and call out insane Democrat policies that allow rioters to loot and burn unchecked. 


SCOTT: I watched our family office furniture business burnt to the ground online. Forty years of hard work burned down by thugs full of hate. Not Portland or New York City, right here in Kenosha. Here's the worst part, I listened to the police scanner that night. Police didn't have what they needed to control it. They were told just to leave it be. I'm not much for politics but Joe Biden is so weak, he'll never stand up for folks like us."


KEVIN: “Hi I’m Kevin”

KIMBERLY: “And I’m Kimberly”

KEVIN: “And we own a small jam and jelly shop. When I see the lady in Minneapolis that had her hair salon burned to the ground, I relate to that. My little business is not in that remote of a town that they couldn’t have come here and find my little shop and teach me a lesson. I think Joe Biden and Kamala Harris have added fuel to the fire. Joe Biden is too weak to protect us, we need President Trump.”

“An Officer & a Mom”

STEPHANIE: “As a former police officer and a mom, it frightens me that Joe Biden wants to take money away from the police departments, and it should frighten you too. When funding is taken away, that will take away from rape victims, burglarized victims, it would take away so many resources. There’s a lot more that goes to it than just guns and badges and uniforms and cars. I know that Joe Biden’s new policy is highly dangerous and will cost lives.”

“All Across the Country.”

KAMALA HARRIS: “There’s something happening, all across our country.”

JOE BIDEN: “One of the most powerful voices we hear in the country today is from our young people.”

*VOICE*: “I’m ready to put these police in a ******* grave! I wanna burn the ******* White House down.”

KAMALA HARRIS: “This is a movement, I’m telling you. They’re not going to let up and they should not.”

REPORTER: “His own staff who paid bail for the rioters in Minneapolis.”

JOE BIDEN: “The choice could not be more clear.”

"Not All There."

NARRATOR: “Wherever he is…he’s not all there.”

JOE BIDEN: (Mumbling and stumbling over words)

NARRATOR: “Too weak to save American jobs. 

JOE BIDEN: “With a—I don’t know”

NARRATOR: “Too weak to stop Pelosi”

JOE BIDEN: “What a, if, if, and, and, and”

NARRATOR: “And too weak to stop the radicals tearing down tearing down America.”

JOE BIDEN: “And uh, um, and with a”

NARRATOR: “The times are tough, the man is weak.”

Spend Breakdown:

Florida – $12.7 million

  • Orlando and West Palm

Wisconsin - $2.8 million

  • Wausau

Pennsylvania - $4.5 million

  • Scranton, Johnson & Erie

Ohio - $2 million

  • Dayton, Toledo & Youngstown

This is addition to our previously announced $18.6 million September buy, which was broken down as follows:

Wisconsin - $3.7 million 

  • Green Bay: $850k

La Crosse/Eau Claire: $2.1m

  • Wausau: $750k

Pennsylvania - $3 million 

  • Wilkes Barre: $1.75m

Johnstown: $850k

  • Erie: $400k

North Carolina - $9.7 million

  • Charlotte: $2.2m
  • Winston Salem: $1.4m
  • Greenville-New Bern: $2.3m
  • Raleigh: $3.1m
  • Wilmington: $700k

Florida - $2.2 million

  • Orlando: $2.2m