July 13, 2020

America First Action Announces $23M Summer Buy

America First Action will unleash a new round of anti-Biden advertisements in the battleground states of Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, North Carolina, and Arizona starting on July 24th, which will run until Labor Day.  The majority of the spend will be on broadcast and cable television, however, digital and mail investments will also be deployed.

State Breakdown:

  • Pennsylvania: $7.5M
  • Wisconsin: $5.6M
  • Arizona: $5.6M
  • North Carolina: $4.5M

Spend Breakdown:

  • Broadcast: 52%
  • Cable: 18%
  • Digital: 14%
  • Other (includes mail): 14%
  • Production: 2%

“The Trump campaign has done a terrific job of laying down their advertising strategy for the fall, so we are stepping up to help fill the gap in the summer,” said Brian O. Walsh, president of America First Action. “Hopefully, this provides some clarity on our next steps, gives the campaign the flexibility to deploy their extensive financial resources as they see fit, and helps define the choice in this election by keeping the focus on Joe Biden.”