May 15, 2020

America First Action Goes Up With Three New Beijing Biden Ads

America First Action PAC is starting a new round of Beijing Biden advertisements in Michigan, Wisconsin, and Pennsylvania today. This is part of America First's $10 million investment in the region, running through the end of May.

Biden spent more than 40 years in Washington, and all of them were good for China. As China stole American jobs and livelihoods, Biden sat passively by, promising us a rising China was a positive development. Biden always puts China first - we need a President who will put America first.


NARRATOR: America first or China first?

BIDEN: "A rising China is a positive development."

NARRATOR: China wins.

BIDEN: "We’re not trying to slow down Chinese growth.”

NARRATOR: China wins.

BIDEN: “This is no time for Donald Trump’s record of hysteria [sic] xenophobia.”

NARRATOR: China again.

BIDEN: “Banning all travel will not stop it.”

NARRATOR: For Joe Biden, China always wins.

BIDEN: “What a beautiful history we wrote together.

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NARRATOR: For five decades in Washington, Joe Biden’s been wrong on China. Decade after decade Biden voted for weak, job-killing trade deals. And somehow Biden still gives China a pass on trade.

BIDEN: “They’re not bad folks, folks.”

NARRATOR: Joe Biden the toast of China while over 100,000 of our jobs left Pennsylvania. After 47 years in Washington, Joe Biden just doesn’t make sense.

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NARRATOR: Forty years in Washington, give or take, is what Joe Biden got to solve America’s problems. He spent them supporting trade with China. Spent them making friends in China. While over 100,000 Michigan jobs were sent to Chinese factories and Chinese businesses. And the trade deficit, he said, isn’t a problem. Grew by billions. Forty years in Washington and all of them were good for China.

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