June 19, 2020

America First Action Launches New Round of Anti-Biden Ads in Battleground States

Today America First Action PAC will begin airing a new round of advertisements in Pennsylvania, Michigan and Wisconsin taking aim at Joe Biden’s disastrous economic and trade policies that have decimated hundreds of thousands of American jobs, shipping them to countries like China and Mexico. The digital, cable, broadcast and mail investment continue until July 4th weekend.

Targeted Markets:

  • Michigan ($1.75M): Traverse City, Flint, and Grand Rapids
  • Wisconsin ($2.25M): Wausau, La Crosse, and Green Bay and Milwaukee
  • Pennsylvania ($3.5M): Pittsburgh, Harrisburg, Johnstown, Erie, and Wilkes-Barre

“As America emerges from the unprecedented coronavirus pandemic, Americans deserve a leader who will focus on paychecks and prosperity, not politics and malarkey. From NAFTA to China, hundreds of thousands of Americans have paid too steep a price for Joe Biden’s decades of championing policies that shipped American jobs overseas. Now, Biden's running on a progressive platform that would eliminate thousands more.  America just experienced the greatest job gain in history and the choice is clear.There is only one man who can continue to lead America on the path of growth and prosperity: President Donald J. Trump."– Brian O. Walsh, President of America First Action PAC

Michigan: “Warned”

NARRATOR: We warned him. We told him NAFTA would send our Michigan jobs to Mexico. But Joe Biden didn’t listen...

JOE BIDEN: “I’m supporting NAFTA because I think it’s a positive thing to do…”

NARRATOR: Biden supported bad trade deals and said NAFTA was the “best deal”. Then Michigan lost over one hundred and sixty thousand jobs. We couldn't trust Joe Biden then...We can’t trust him to protect Michigan jobs now.

Pennsylvania: "Impact"

NARRATOR: Joe Biden wants to eliminate fracking.

JOE BIDEN: “We would -- we would work it out. We would make sure it's eliminated.”

NARRATOR: Over six hundred thousand Pennsylvanians jobs gone. Billions in wages lost. Thirty thousand retail jobs, history. And fourteen thousand manufacturing jobs closed down. So when Joe Biden says…

JOE BIDEN: “We would make sure it's eliminated.”

NARRATOR: Remember, he’s talking about your job.

Wisconsin: "Wrong"

NARRATOR: Joe Biden’s trade deals with China cost Wisconsin nearly eighty-nine thousand jobs. But it doesn’t stop there. Listen:

JOE BIDEN: “I’m supporting NAFTA because I think it’s a positive thing to do.”

NARRATOR: NAFTA shipped our jobs to Mexico, closed our factories, and after 20 years, would Biden fix his mistake? 

REPORTER:“Do you support renegotiating NAFTA?”

JOE BIDEN: “Uh, no.”

NARRATOR: “Over 200,000 Wisconsin jobs lost. Joe Biden – He’s been wrong for too long.”