October 26, 2020

America First Action: New Ad “The Big Guy”

Turning the Office of the Vice President into a Pot of Gold…That’s the Biden Family Business

America First Action PAC is debuting “The Big Guy,” an advertisement focusing on Joe Biden’s history of corruption and profiteering off of the Vice Presidency.

Explosive new revelations from his son Hunter Biden’s laptop prove Joe Biden lied to the American people, and abused the power of his office for personal profit at the expense of the American people. Joe Biden is a corrupt politician with a decades-long history of foreign entanglements. He’s not running for President to serve the American public, he’s running to enrich himself and his family. If Biden wins, China wins.

“Big Guy”

NARRATOR: A criminal investigation, an alleged Chinese influence investment, and family scheme to make millions. Hunter wanted a fat bag of Communist cash and a sweet deal for the “Big Guy.” Now, his former business partner says it’s true. Hunter called Joe for sign off on his deals, turning the Office of the Vice President into a pot of gold, bankrolling the “Big Guy” with Communist cash. That’s the Biden family business.