April 09, 2020

America First Action PAC Announces $26.6M Investment in Battleground States

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April 9, 2020

America First Action PAC Announces $26.6M Investment in Battleground States

Pro-Trump SuperPAC plans fall broadcast reserves in Florida and North Carolina

Arlington, VA – America First Action PAC will begin the process of reserving $26.6 million of broadcast advertising in North Carolina and Florida spanning from Labor Day through Election Day. The spend its part of the group’s first wave of independent expenditures in the 2020 election cycle.

  • Florida: $18.5 million spent in the Tampa ($7.2 million) and Orlando ($11.3 million) markets
  • North Carolina: $8 million spent in the Charlotte ($3.8 million) and Raleigh-Durham ($4.3 million) markets

“This ad reservation is in addition to the $10 million buy we made last week and was included in our first round of decisions,” said America First Action President Brian O. Walsh. “America First is making the Florida and North Carolina reservations because we are confident we can secure inventory at the best possible rates in these crucial battleground states.   We will make further decisions in May.”

Last week, America First Action PAC unveiled a $10 million independent expenditure investment in Pennsylvania, Michigan and Wisconsin focused on Sleepy Joe Biden. The digital, cable, broadcast and mail investment will start in mid-April and continue until the end of May. 

  • Michigan: $2 million spent in the Traverse City, Flint, and Grand Rapids media markets
  • Wisconsin: $2.7 million spent in the Wausau, La Crosse and Green Bay media markets
  • Pennsylvania: $5.5 million spent in the Pittsburgh, Harrisburg, Johnstown, Erie, and Wilkes-Barre media markets