October 07, 2020

America First Action Releases New Ad as Part of $2.8 Million Spend in Georgia

America First Action PAC released a new ad in Georgia today that will air in the Macon, Albany and Savannah markets as part of $2.8 million October spend in the state.The ad highlights Biden’s weak agenda that has shipped American jobs overseas to China, his pandering to Washington liberals, and his careless approach to the rioters and violent protestors destroying our American cities. 

Biden’s best days in Washington are far behind him and America needs a strong leader now more than ever. Hardworking Georgian families need a President that will stand up to foreign competition and the unlawfulness taking place on our own streets; and Joe Biden is simply too weak for the job.

"Not All There"

NARRATOR: “Wherever he is…he’s not all there.”

JOE BIDEN: (Mumbling and stumbling over words)

NARRATOR: “Too weak to save American jobs. 

JOE BIDEN: “With a—I don’t know”

NARRATOR: “Too weak to stop Pelosi”

JOE BIDEN: “What a, if, if, and, and, and”

NARRATOR: “And too weak to stop the radicals tearing down tearing down America.”

JOE BIDEN: “And uh, um, and with a”

NARRATOR: “The times are tough, the man is weak.”