October 23, 2020

America First Action Takes Aim At Biden in $10M Final Push

Will be airing national and battleground state ads

America First Action PAC, the largest outside group supporting President Donald J. Trump's re-election is dedicating $10 million in a final push through Election Day in national and battleground state advertising. This will bring America First Action's total spending on voter engagement to $126 million this cycle.

The group will be launching seven ads in five battleground states questioning what exactly Joe Biden will bring America back to. With Biden's 47-year Washington record of poorly negotiated trade deals, tax hikes, eliminating fossil fuels, and free handouts for illegal immigrants, it’s clear a Biden Presidency would bring America down, not back.

The ads will run nationally, and in Florida, Pennsylvania Wisconsin, North Carolina and Georgia regionally. To date, America First Action has dedicated $42 million in Pennsylvania, $23 million in Wisconsin, and $22 million in Florida. 

National: “We Are America”

NARRATOR: He coddled the communists, sided with socialists. Now, Joe Biden is lying. He will raise taxes on the middle class. And his liberal agenda will cost millions of jobs. Because he’s a career politician, past his prime, too weak to rebuild our nation. But we won’t let him. We will build a better future with courage, with strength. Because we are America. And Donald Trump is our President.

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania: “Back”

NARRATOR: Joe Biden says he wants to bring back America, but back to what? For five decades Biden supported trade deals that shipped jobs overseas. Biden would give into Iran again, make us pay to give illegal immigrants free healthcare. And Biden promised to raise our taxes on day one.

JOE BIDEN: On day one.

NARRATOR: Joe Biden, he won’t bring back America. He’ll take down America.

Scranton, Johnstown, Harrisburg, Erie, and Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania: “Dignity”

NARRATOR: America was built with hard work and big dreams. But for decades, Joe Biden sold us out to China. Soft trade deals, weak appeasement, by accident or worse. Biden shipped tens of thousands of our jobs overseas. As President, what makes you think he’d be any different?

Johnstown and Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania: “Sick”

BRIAN: You work hard, play by the rules, but Joe Biden wants to take it all away. Joe Biden says he wants to ban fracking. That would ruin us. Not just me, but our company, and this whole town. All these jobs, all these families. It makes me sick. Joe Biden would destroy this place. He just doesn’t get it.

Wisconsin: “Transform”

NARRATOR: The liberal mob has a plan to fundamentally transform the country and it could happen. Total control. Pelosi, Speaker; Schumer, Leader; and in the White House…

JOE BIDEN: “We have an incredible opportunity to fundamentally transform the country.”

NARRATOR: Liberals will pass their agenda and he’ll sign it. And if they win, our recovery is over. To stop them, we have to stop Joe Biden.

 In addition to America First Action’s final Wisconsin investment, we will also be going up nationally with the ad below.

Miami Dade, Florida: "Voices”

WOMAN 1: It makes me nervous that Joe Biden is going to raise taxes in this economy.  

MAN 1: You can’t raise taxes on small businesses. Joe Biden would be a disaster.

MAN 2: Joe Biden doesn’t understand small business. He’s never been in a small business, he’s never run a small business.

MAN 3: Joe Biden has no idea how to run our country, how to fix anything.

MAN 4: He cannot tell us what is best for us because he hasn’t done it.

MAN 5: There comes a point in time where you start running out of other people’s money.

MAN 6: Joe Biden means more taxes.

The second ad America First Action is releasing will be running in Spanish in the Miami market. To view the second ad click here.