August 24, 2018

America First Announces $12.5 Million Initial Investment In Midterm Races

Earlier this week, America First announced that it will invest about $12.5 million in 12 competitive 2018 midterm races. America First Action, the primary super PAC in support of the Trump-Pence administration, will invest $10 million in 10 House districts, while the PAC's affiliated nonprofit, America First Policies, will invest $2.5 million in two Senate races. 

The full spending breakdown is as follows:

U.S. House of Representatives: 

Maine 02:  $1,000,000
Michigan 08:  $854,000
Michigan 11:  $850,000
Minnesota 01:  $1,100,000
Minnesota 08:  $2,000,000
North Carolina 13:  $980,000
New York 22:  $450,000
Pennsylvania 17:  $726,000
Texas 32:  $1,500,000
West Virginia 03:  $485,000

U.S. Senate:

Missouri:  $1,500,000
North Dakota:  $980,000

Grand total:  $12,500,000

"This is a critical first step and a sizable investment in helping Republicans hold the House and grow the Senate, and many of these races are in states that will be important to our efforts in 2020," said Brian O. Walsh, president of America First. "Much like we did when we invested in the Georgia special election in 2017, and the Pennsylvania and Ohio special elections in 2018, we will use all the tactics we feel are necessary--television, radio, and digital ads, and direct mail--to help our candidates win in these competitive races."

To learn more, see the articles in the Wall Street Journal and on the CBS News website.