August 26, 2020

Linda McMahon Blasts Potential Biden Lockdown, Says it Will Keep A Lid On The Economy And Hurt Women

Charles Creitz | Fox News

Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden's promise to order a nationwide shutdown if scientists deem it necessary to mitigate the coronavirus pandemic would doom the U.S. economy, former Small Business Administration administrator Linda McMahon said Tuesday.

"There has been such an emphasis on COVID for such a long time and now the president is really trying to get the economy back open," McMahon told "Bill Hemmer Reports". "There are a lot of folks looking at the economy and what’s going to happen next. We are really seeing and talking to people ... that there is that emphasis shift to the economy.

"Joe Biden could be just content, from what he said last [Sunday] night, to really keep things shut down and he thinks that’s the way to control COVID and that’s a way to keep a lid on the economy," McMahon added. "And it will keep a lid on the economy, all right."

McMahon also accused Biden, who has backed calls by teachers unions to keep schools closed for in-person instruction unless a series of requirements are met, of having no plan to deal with the economic repercussions of a national lockdown or online learning.

"One of the things that happened with COVID shutting down schools and moms having to take on more of the responsibility at home for teaching their children, it takes them out of the workforce," she said. "The longer women are out of the workforce, the hardest it is for them to reenter."

McMahon praised Trump for overseeing the creation of nine million jobs over the past three months, and called on lawmakers from both sides of the aisle to heed scientists' expertise on combatting the pandemic.