October 15, 2018

There Will Be Two Voices: Money Race In PA’s 10th Congressional District Is Close, Too

Both Republican U.S. Rep. Scott Perry and Democratic challenger George Scott are entering the home stretch with campaign war chests in excess of $500,000.

It's another sign that the race in Pennsylvania's 10th Congressional District is really a competition of ideas this year.

What that means to your life is simple:

If you watch television in South Central Pennsylvania over the next three weeks you're likely to see enough campaign commercials for both Perry and Scott to commit them to memory.

You're also likely to get plenty of those big, glossy mailers.

This intense messaging is new for a district - born in a court-ordered redistricting earlier this year - that's mostly been represented by Republicans in the U.S. House since 1966 and hasn't seen a hotly-contested race in that time.

But the reconfigured 10th, including all of Dauphin County, Cumberland County from Carlisle east, and central and northern York County, has produced a spirited race. Many independent analysts rate it as one of Pennsylvania's closest. 


Perry's campaign, meanwhile, will get a major lift starting Tuesday from American First Action, which bills itself as the nation's principal super-PAC supporting candidates "who back the Trump / Pence agenda."

AFA spokesman Alex Titus said the PAC has budgeted $760,000 for the 10th. Most of that money is earmarked for a two-week buy for an ad banging Scott for positions on energy and taxes it describes as "too liberal for us."

Perry's campaign had previously seen a smaller media buy from the Heritage Action for America Committee, lauding him as a "Tax Cut Champ" for his support of the 2017 federal tax cut.

Scott and Perry are scheduled to face off Thursday evening at 7 p.m. in a debate that will be broadcast live on WGAL-TV.

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