September 20, 2018

America First Action Announces Additional $1 Million Investment In TX-32 Congressional Race

America First Action today announced that it will invest an additional $1 million in advertising to support Congressman Pete Sessions' race in Texas' 32nd Congressional District. America First Action is the primary super PAC dedicated to electing federal candidates in support of the Trump-Pence agenda. 

The super PAC announced last month that it would invest $1.5 million in Rep. Sessions' race. Between that initial investment and the additional $1 million announced today, the group will have invested a total of $2.5 million. This is America First's largest midterm investment to date.

"We are committed to ensuring that Rep. Pete Sessions--chairman of the important House Committee on Rules, a steadfast defender of our national security interests, and a loyal supporter of the President--achieves victory in November," said Erin Montgomery, communications director for America First Action.

To date, America First has invested about $15 million in 13 midterm races: 11 House races and 2 Senate races.

To read more about the TX-32 announcement, please see the Associated Press report.