June 24, 2020

America First Update: Joe Biden Is Unwilling To Stand Up To The Radical Leftist Mob

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Joe Biden Is Either Incapable, Or Unwilling, To Stand Up To The Radical Leftist Mob -- As America continues toward a safe and full reopening, it’s more important than ever before to contrast President Trump’s bold leadership throughout the pandemic and recovery, with Joe Biden’s weakness and blatant attempt to politicize the pandemic for political gain... READ MORE

Bolton Is Wrong; I Was There -- Excerpts of John Bolton’s “tell all” memoir already show how he has distorted the truth, omitted important context, and contradicts critical facts in plain sight. I was there. Let’s begin with John Bolton’s claim that he “cannot identify any significant Trump decision during my White House tenure that was not driven by reelection calculations.” Checking his notes would prove otherwise ... READ MORE

Biden Voted To Protect Segregated Private Schools’ Tax-Exempt Status -- Joe Biden voted to allow racially segregated private schools to keep their tax exempt status in the late '70s, a stance that put him at odds with the Carter administration and drew criticism from civil rights groups at the time. Biden was among 54 senators who voted to keep... READ MORE

Trump Built The Greatest American Economy Before. He’ll Do It Again -- Thanks to President Trump’s well-thought-out policy decisions since the beginning of the global coronavirus pandemic, Americans should have confidence that better days are ahead. Policies the president enacted like the Payment Protection Program provided much needed relief for businesses... READ MORE


America First Action Launches New Round Of Anti-Biden Ads In Battleground States -- America First Action will begin airing a new round of advertisements in Pennsylvania, Michigan and Wisconsin taking aim at Joe Biden’s disastrous economic and trade policies that have decimated hundreds of thousands of American jobs, shipping them to countries like China... READ MORE

How Beijing Buys Influence from CURTIS ELLIS -- The Chinese Communist Party is waging information warfare to shape American public opinion & influence our economic & government policy to their benefit. The CCP doesn’t shape public opinion by buying billboards & TV ads. That kind of persuasion is far too American for them. Instead, they co-opt our leaders & buy... READ MORE

Steve Cortes Joins Varney & Co To Discuss Liberal Lawlessness. WATCH HERE

America First Policies Hosts The Great American Comeback Tour With VP Pence in Sterling Heights, MI. WATCH HERE